Friday, January 23, 2009

State of the Union: Post 2

Choose five doodles or sketches that you like as much as any of your finished pieces.

Of the artwork
you have done, what is your personal favorite piece? Why do you like it?

I recently worked on a series of illustrations for the bazaar. I enjoyed working in this specific style technically because I was able to explore my tendencies toward flat shapes and line interacting with textures. I also got to use color more intentionally and with more awareness than I ever previously did. Lastly the free choice of subject matter ranging from abstractions of Nigerian Egungun masquerades to fanciful Hausa pipe players. My favorite in the series was the illustration below, mostly because I enjoyed the process of doing the actual charcoal drawing, the flatness of the final piece, an aesthetic I have begun leaning toward.

What piece do other people like most? Do you agree? Why do you think they like it?

Out of the series mentioned above I got the most positive criticism from this illustration
. I think it garnered good responses because of the textures and the way they interact with the flat shapes to create motion and an interesting composition. Also I think stylization of figures adds a layer of visual interest to the image.

What piece surprised you the most?
A piece I did in Drawing and Composition about 2 years ago surprised me because I had never really considered 2 things ever working effectively: two picture planes merged to create a more interesting composition and using several overlapped drawings within one picture plane to create layers of visual interest and otherwise unexpected shapes in a composition

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