Thursday, February 5, 2009

Illustrator Research: Jason Shawn Alexander

Alexander is an painter/illustrator born in Portland, Tennessee in 1975. He lives and works in California , LA now with a degree in Fine arts. I came into contact with his work reading Abe Sapien's The Drowning, a graphic novel written by Mike Mignola and illustrated by Alexander. Alexander's style seemed tailor made for the dark often humorous world of Hellboy, but it was the consistency of mood, atmosphere and strong visual communication that impressed me most in his work. Alexander's ink technique is also what drew me to his work. His drawings are done entirely in ink so they retain an immediacy and spontenaity that would otherwise be lost say with pencil sketches. He has also worked on books like Empty Zone and done covers for Dark Horse's Conan. Of course being a painter he has has several solo and group exhibitions around the country. His website is here.

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