Thursday, February 5, 2009

Illustrator Research: P. Craig Russell

Phillip Craig Russel was born in Wellsville, Ohio in 1951. He is a well respected illustrator that achieved his first taste of success in 1972 with a comic book series called Amazing Adventures and later on the graphic novel Killraven. He has received multiple Harvey and Eisner awards. Recently worked with Neil Gaiman on the illustrated book of Coraline and notably the highly regarded Sandman issue called Ramadan. His work is quite impressive because of several reasons. He references a lot of art history, paricularly Art Nouveau, which his aesthetic, for instance, line quality seems very decorative and is obviously reminiscient of the movement. Russell always uses odd color schemes that make his worlds unique and memorable. Russell's work is compiled in a gorgeous artbook called The Art of P. Craig Russell which unfortunately costs an arm and a leg. His website's here.

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