Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Illustrator Promo Research

The artist shown below all possess abilities I admire, and all of them have been listed in my Illustrator research at some point, but they have been chosen here again because of their relevance to my career pursuits and the ideas they can offer in self promotion.

Jessica Hische
Hische often gives customized fonts to her illustrator and designer colleagues and friends for use in their work. She doesn't get paid for it, but gets a vital credit that shows off her signature style of design.

James Jean
The mere fact that he has ventured into various kinds of media such as album covers, comics, the gallery circuit is awareness in and of itslef, however James Jean also promotes his work outside of the standard illustration/ art world through more commercial avenues such as his work for Prada clothing; creating both murals and concept work for an animation that incorporates his illustrative style. His art books, post card books, and blog are also key elements of promotion.

Sam Weber
Weber enters his work into galleries that host events like The Tortoro Forest Project that have charitable goals , which produces good will for him and of course creates more awareness for his name and work.

Scott Morse
For me the production of books and graphic novelsas well as the work as a designer/ animatoris the attraction to Morse's career. Scott Morse uses his blog as a way to promote any project or news in his life pertinent to his work that may interest potential clients or potential customers. He also visits comic conventions like the San Diego Comic-con every year to sell and promote his work. He also owns his own publishing company called Red Window. He also makes sure he makes and keeps contacts withing the publishing circuit such as Adhouse books' Chris Pitzer. He does this while keeping a full time job at Pixar.

Cory Godbey
He works at Portland studios in South Carolina as animator and painter. His blog is the aspect of his self promotion that I considered worth looking into. He lists several tutorials sharing knowledge and tips about how to work with methods and media that make his work successfull. He also has another side blog that posts tutorials for experimental techniques as well as a Portland studios blog which post videos of various techniques.

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