Sunday, March 1, 2009

Illustrator Research 26: Sergio Toppi

Wow, I just found this jewel of an incredible older illustrator called Sergio Toppi. He was born in Milan, Italy and started out in editorials and animation. Toppi possesses a style that can only be experienced to be appreciated. His aesthetic is a unique honesty that comes from years of experience, and probably years of toiling with the brush and nib. Also the wealth of mark making techniques Toppi posseses is truly inspiring. His work has appeared in several Italian and French publications and has created comics such as Sharaz-de and Il Collezionista. I couln't find too much information about him, but the little I found has inspired me to find more. Also I just checked for some art books pertaining to Toppi and they're all horrendously expensive. He's pretty well respected.


Rick Cortes said...

Love Toppi. He's a master. Stuart Ng has some fairly affordable Toppi books running $30.

Anwar said...

Hi, I am another die hard fan of sir toppi,please check this link to some valuable black and white works of him.

Anwar said...

Ooooh ,sorry I for get to paste in previous post